Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — White Orchard Side Quests

31st May 2015 - Guides and Walkthroughs, Witcher 3
Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — White Orchard Side Quests

Twisted Firestarter

This quest will be given to you by the Blacksmith in the White Orchard. He needs you to help him look for the arsonist in town. Go behind the building, and you will find some footprints near the edge of the circle with your Witcher Sense. Track the footprints down to the river and proceed under the bridge to the other side. You will find more footprints here and signs of Drowners. Follow these footprints to a house and proceed inside the house. Talk to the guy at the back of the house and you will have to decide on something. If you take the coin from him, you will receive 20 gold, and you will lie to the Dwarf. If you choose to bring him to the Dwarf, you can either use the mind trick on him or take him down. The mind trick will give you a bonus 25 EXP. You will also receive 20 Gold for this and the arsonist will be killed. The same result will happen if you choose to beat him up.

Deserter Gold

The quest will begin as soon as you find the Spy’s Notes at a point of interest [?] to the North East of the Mill. It should be the farthest North of the three ?’s in that place. As soon as you find the Spy’s Notes, read them and head South West back to the Mill. Once you get to the area, go straight to the abandoned house and fall down between the planks. Use a Sign or your sword to open the door, and loot the chests.

A Frying Pan, Spick and Span

You can get this journey in a fishing hut north west of the town. There is an old woman there and once you converse with her, the journey will begin. Destroy the door with Aard and utilize your Witcher Sense to discover a body and some burnt papers. After you discover them, get the frying pan and return it to the old lady to finish the mission.

Dirty Funds

To get this Dirty Funds Treasure Hunt quest started, you should first look for a document, Scrawled Notes, at a Bandit Camp. It is usually found at the point of interest marker [?] North East of the Mill at the center of the woods. There will be lots of Wolves at the location though. As soon as you find the Scrawled Notes, read them. After this, you will be given an objective marker  to the East, which is directly North of Crackler Bridge. Be careful as there are lots of bandits in the place. The treasure is in a small chest in the main tent.

Precious Cargo

You will find a Merchant sitting near a fire near the marshes when you take the South West road from the Nilfgaardian Garrison, which is North from the Sawmill. If you converse with him, you can get started with the quest. Proceed to the marker and use your Witcher Sense to look for the tracks leading to the swamp. As soon as you get to the cart, check out the arrows in it and the body near it. After that loot, the box a bit North West from the cart could get the lock box for the quest. If you call him out on his lie, you will have to run after him and attack him from horseback. If  you let him go with the medicine, you will receive 30 gold and he will disappear. This will probably change something later on. If you give him to the Nilfgaardians, you will receive 30 crowns.

On Death’s Bed

Go to the Sawmill and look around the small house to the East for the quest to begin. That is the Herbalist’s house. You will be asked to give a potion for a dying child. Just make a Swallow potion and deliver it to the Herbalist.

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