Utomik The Ultimate Gaming Subscription!

27th January 2017 - Articles, Indie Games Promotion
Utomik The Ultimate Gaming Subscription!

I just stumbled upon something cool! a new subscription platform for games which downloads them to your own PC.

What is Utomik?

Do you have a steam library … of course you do. What gamer doesn’t have a steam library filled to the brim with games?. We all love that feeling of having a huge collection of games to get lost in after a long day. If you like the idea of paying a small fee per month to have access to already 400+ games then keep reading!

If you’re a film lover you’ve probably already got a Netflix or an Amazon subscription. This is Utomik one for all us gamers! for only £4.49/month you get access to 400+ games that are already on the platform. Furthermore they add 30+ new games per month, that’s way more than the amount of movies or series Netflix add to their collection! So you are really getting your money’s worth.

The brilliant part of Utomik is that you do not have to wait for the game to download before you can play. Just hit the start button and the game will download in the background while you’re already loaded in and enjoying yourself.


Why did I sign up?

What caught my eye about Utomik is the vast variety of games you can play, and it got me thinking about my own twitch stream and gaming youtube channel. It would open doors to playing games I wouldn’t usually be able to find or perhaps discover.

I am really looking forward to try some of the more unique indie games and produce some coverage of them, not only for you , the readers of GamersElixir. But for the community on twitch and youtube who enjoy let’s plays and long plays.

How to get started

All you need to do to get started is register with the Utomik website here fill in all your details as you would with any other registration.

Once you have signed up and paid your fee, your 14 day trial begins, just install the Utomik client on your PC, be sure that your PC meets the requirements before hand! Utomik requires a computer with Windows 7 or higher, and an internet connection.

The Utomik client is fantastic looking and very easy to use. You really have all the games you want at your fingertips!

Each game has its own bio page so you can read all about it before installing, along with a list of related games so you can find exactly what your in the mood for.

What are you waiting for?

Still undecided even after reading all this? Then ask yourself these questions.

Are you a lover & player of video games?
Do you love playing Indie games?
Do you want the ultimate subscription where you can keep collecting and completing games to your heart’s content all for the price of one “subway footlong” per month!

Utomik on social media

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Article written by Joe5029
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