Monster Hunter X Updates

20th July 2015 - Monster Hunter X
Monster Hunter X Updates

Here is a list of Monster Hunter X Updates:
・Release date will be on November 28, 2015
・Reservation starts on August 1, this maybe don’t include the Limited Edition 3DS
・Price: 5800+tax yen for package, 5546+tax yen for DL version
・new MonHun Club jerseys will be available by Nov. 28, with 4 different designs.…/conte…/mhb/features/20150715104804
・MHX Summer Tour:
・MHX on Tokyo Game Show 2015:


・2 of 4 Hunting Styles are, Aerial and Guild Style.
・Aerial Style, can use monsters as jumping platform
・one of IG’s Hunting Skill, gathering the insects around you and it cause some damage when touched.
・Hunting Skills has some gauge to charge before you can use them, it’s like Special gauge of Fighting game such as Street Fighters, or Tekken.
・Gauge’s charging speed varies on weapon and skills. Lance’s charging skill is easier to charge than other skills.
・Item effects became more flashy(healing, traps, etc), but still it’s good

Source: Yujiro Suzuki // Facebook

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