Ultima Online Phoenix

13th September 2017 - Games
Ultima Online Phoenix

Ultima Online Phoenix is a free to play pre-AOS Ultima Online shard located in the United States, but they are like nothing you have experienced before. Unlike most pre-AOS servers which cater to PVP, they are primarily focused on PVM content. The land mass is Felucca, but PVP has been limited to Buccaneer’s Den, Guild Wars, and Factions. This allows them to cater to casual players who are interested in challenging and rewarding content without all the griefing you find elsewhere.

This also allows players to co-exist on a single map and engage in PVP when they choose to. That choice provides a risk/reward dynamic for entering Buccaneer’s Den in pursuit of rewards not found anywhere else.

UO Phoenix has loads of custom features, special content, new monsters and dungeons to keep it as fresh and exciting as the first day you stepped into Britannia, all while keeping the nostalgia of old school Ultima online, such as vanquishing weapons and invulnerability armor. This server is truly something special, with content unlike any other server out there. Check out a player made video of one of the custom instanced group dungeons:

Remember the game is free to download and play on your PC with absolutely no ads or pay to win content. And be sure to join them on discord! See their website for full details.

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