The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Velen Notice Board Quests

13th June 2015 - Games, Guides and Walkthroughs, Witcher 3
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Velen Notice Board Quests

Velen will be the second area you need to explore in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In this guide, you will find the locations of all the quests in the area, the details on how to find the Hidden Treasures and complete Witcher Contracts, and information on other secrets and hidden rewards.

The Fall of the House of Reardon

You should be able to find this from the board in Lindenvale. Go to the location and kill the enemies in the area. The Southernmost building should have a stairway outside at the rear that enters to a cellar below. There is a wall below which you can break, and look behind to find a corpse and a note. After discovering these, go back upstairs and search the North Western most building, wherein there is a very small lockbox in the corner that has a key.  Go back to the Southernmost building but instead of going through the rear, there is a locked door. Go inside and look for some writings on the wall. Interact with the writing and you will have another interaction option directly next to it, revealing a small chest. After this, go back and collect your reward.

Loves Cruel Snares

If you go through the South West road from Midcopse, you will run into a peasant woman near the Abandoned Site. Converse with the woman and tell her that you will help her find her husband. Go to the woods and use your Witcher Sense to follow the foot prints. You will end up seeing wild dogs that you should kill, and a corpse that you should inspect. The woman will pay you 40 Crowns if you could let her keep it and just take the EXP.

Hazardous Goods

Take the road northeast main road from Linderval and you will see a man being attacked by ghouls. Kill the ghouls, then talk to the guy in the wagon. Burn the bodies with your Igni spell so they wouldn’t spread the disease.

The Truth Is In The Stars

You will be able to get this from the Sage at the Benek Village. If you find it hard to look for the place, it is one of the guys on the Gwent Quest. Just give him some food and tell him you will look for the root for him. Proceed to the cave and you will find the root in the back. Use your Witcher Sense to look for it. After returning to the Sage, you are done with the quest.

Last Rites

You should be able to find this quest north of Blackbough, just near a wooden bridge on the road. It’s possible that this quest appears only at night. Talk to the old lady and offer to help her out. Go to the graveyard and use your Witcher Sense to look for the red tombstone. If you have a lamp, check the area after you place the ring and get 25 EXP as a bonus. Go back to the town and get your reward.

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