The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Notice Board Quests

31st May 2015 - Guides and Walkthroughs, Witcher 3
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Notice Board Quests

Missing In Action

This can be found on the Notice Board in the town. One of the people in the area is looking for his brother who fought in a battle near that place. Go on back to the Ransacked Village and converse with the guy talking to his dog. Let him know that you will help him out and follow him to the top of the hill. There are loads to loot around the battle are if you want to make some extra cash. As soon as you start, go into the circle on the mini map and clear out any Ghouls nearby. There should be three shields that you need to check out before you can proceed. Use your Witcher Sense and you will see them glow RED instead of yellow. There will be two dead soldiers and another third one near a burnt corpse by the woods. As soon as you finish checking the third one, the Dog will run into the woods. Follow him. Once you make your way to the cabin, you need to decide on helping the second guy or not.

Contract: Devil By The Well

This can be found on the Contract board in the White Orchard. You should go to the Abandoned Village, south of White Orchard. As soon as you get there, inspect the big house for a quest Journal. You can use your Witcher Sense to find it. Once you have read it, use the sign post to warp back to White Orchard.

Warp back if you have read the journal. A Noonwrath will have spawned and you need to push it back. Read your Bestiary on it and you should find out how to use your Yrden trap spell on it. As soon as you put down Yrden, use your Silver sword to damage the ghost until it goes away. Once it has disappeared, you can jump into the well. When you’re in the well, use your Witcher Sense to find an item at the bottom. As soon as you grab them item and resurface, there will be a small cut scene about it. Use the underwater cave on the other side of the pool to leave the place. Once you have escaped, check the Bestiary again and then you could return to the village.

As soon as you get to the Abandoned Village, check the big house again with your Witcher Sense. Inspect for the body in there, and track the prints out to the well. Check the rope and you will receive the next part of the quest. After which you will need to burn the body and kill the ghost to finish the quest. Remember to use Yrden to trap her and then take her down by fighting her. She will disappear at least two times and summon little ghosts to heal her back up. You can choose to attack the other ghosts to prevent them from healing her. As soon as you bring her down to 0 HP, loot her and go back to White Orchard.

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