The Ramblings of a Okay-ish Monster Hunter Player

23rd July 2016 - Articles, Games, Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter Generations
The Ramblings of a Okay-ish Monster Hunter Player

Yep! I’m finally writing another article! Basically this time I have more experience under my belt and I can write a better Mon Hun article and as you can see, I no longer class myself as average. Basically I thank Monster Hunter Generations for that, as it was the kick up the arse that I needed to really try harder this time as I admit that I didn’t really try as hard as I should have done in 4 Ultimate.

So why the need to write another article thingy about it, you’re probably wondering as you’re reading this via your computer, tablet or any other device that allows interwebbing (I honestly won’t be surprised if you’ll actually be able to read this on your toaster soon as everything seems to have internet these days,) and the simple answer is that I’m hooked on Generations. While I enjoyed 4 Ultimate, I never played it as much as I have been playing Generations, as the enhanced graphics, smoother playing experience and playing this on a new 3DS REALLY helps with the camera controls.


Unlike previous installments where there’s cinematic cutscenes and a basic story element that seems your character helping villages from giant monsters, Generations just throws you in the game and basically expects you to hit the ground running. For example, I was expecting pop up help messages in the first Story (or Village Quests as it’s known now,) to pop up in the way that it usually does, with a HEY! LISTEN! style but nope! The only time you’ll actually see them is in the training quests.

Also, some of the series key elements have been scaled down like a weapons attack or element damage and e.t.c and while many people who reached G Rank in 4U might not like this, people who couldn’t (basically I’m one of them) were like no G Rank? It just goes to HR7 now?! Whoopee! But while the scaling back might seem like a good thing, it also makes the difficulty rise up a little bit. Now there’s no G Rank, the Hunter’s Hub quests (they using to be called Gathering Hall quests but that’s been throw out the window now) are a lot more difficult for people starting out now and advancing with friends is something you’ll need to do more of now.


In spite of the difficulty of the Hub Quests, I’m really enjoying this game, especially playing with friends and I think that’s why I’m playing it a lot better now. When I got 4 Ultimate everyone I knew who played it was having a whale of a time at G Rank and I basically struggled amd while I did improve, I never did get to G Rank and because of that, I felt like I was missing out. Things have changed though as I’m playing a lot better now, switched out the Switch Axe for the Longsword and are playing it with friends a lot more now and while watching a certain streamer got me into Monster Hunter, (Cough cough, Joe5029 cough!) I’m glad that now, I’m not as bad as I was before.

I hope you don’t mind me just rambling about my expirences with Monster Hunter but since it’s been a new experience for me, I thought it’ll make a good article. Would you like to see more articles of me just rambling about games? If so please comment below with your own experiences of Monster Hunter if you have any or just let us know via Twitter using this username: @GamersElixir

And with that, it’s time I went back to my coffee. See ya!

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