The Indie Spotlight: A Merry Recruitmas

15th December 2016 - Articles, Games, Indie Games Promotion
The Indie Spotlight: A Merry Recruitmas

Today we look at an Indie web-based game called A Merry Recruitmas by Uniting Ambition, a likeable autoscrolling platformer that not only has a Christmassy feel, but was made by a leading UK recruitment company to help try and promote a campaign to help young people find workplacement oppurtunities for the new year.

The games story is simple, yet fits the Christmas theme as well as the companys main ethos as you race across a series of Christmas themed recruiting offices trying to rescue elves that have been stolen by naughty recruiters trying to place them in jobs that toy making elves cannot do. As with many autoscrollers the controls are simplistic and theres a focus on posting your best score to an online leaderboard where you can compete against other people and germally brag about your best coffee break gaming session. Also, gift cards will be given randomly to leaderboard entrants as an added incentive to the “Just one more go” mentality of these games (believe me, i love playing some endless runners that convince me to try again when i fail and inevitably swear!)


Overall, this is a neat little web based autoscroller (As they wanted the game to be easily accessible from any device, it was created as an web game,) and since the game they created last year was an appraent success, its nice to see a trend repeat themselves so ill be rooting for them.

Simply go to the games webpage in order to play it using any device that can access the internet and dont forget to check out the wesbite of UnitingAmbition to see how they help  people look for a brighter future unemployment and the Lead Developer William Tsoi’s Twitter page, as creating any game in 14 days is an achievement in itself.

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