The Best Weapon In Monster Hunter?

20th June 2016 - Articles, Monster Hunter
The Best Weapon In Monster Hunter?

The Best Weapon In Monster Hunter? Do you want to know what the best weapon is? Then have a read of this article.

In the world of Monster Hunter this question gets thrown around a lot, whether it be in communities online or if your hunting locally with a few friends. What’s the best weapon to use in Monster Hunter?

This question has many answers as there is a lot of criteria which really defines “best”. Let’s have a look at some characteristics which may drive some hunters to say their choice tops the others.

Raw Damage:
Some weapons have a higher raw damage output, these would usually be a slow heavy hitter type weapon such as a hammer, or a great sword. Now each of these have either cutting or impact damage, depending on what your trying to achieve while hunting a monster you may need to consider if it has breakable parts. For example the tail would need cutting damage to effectively severe this. Any skull or claw parts that can break would be best done by the hammer. Some players side by these weapons being best due to the amount of damage that can be dealt in one swing. The Greatsword has another trick up its sleeve you are able to block incoming attacks with it ;at the cost of stamina of course.



Attack Speed:
This characteristic is for some players the most important beyond dealing huge damage. The actual speed at which the weapon can be swung. This is where the dual blades and long sword, would stand out as go to weapons. They can unleash a huge amount of damage over very little time with their speedy combos and quick maneuverability. Both of these weapons deal just cutting damage so are not ideal if your looking to break any claws.


Supporting team mates is something many hunters enjoy , whether it be by having the skill “wide area” gemmed into a set, or whether it be by choosing the hunting horn as their weapon choice. The hunting horn allows the user to play melodies which provide buffs and boosts for their fellow hunters. This weapon also is not bad for hitting close range impact attacks. It handles very similarly to a hammer except feeling a little less sluggish. So if you’re looking for some part breaks and to help out your team this weapon is something to consider.



There are many players who prefer to sit behind a shield, the reason for this is that some attacks can be unexpected and rather than taking damage they would be ready with their defense mechanism. Weapons best suited to this would of course be the sword and shield, it allows somewhat good maneuverability and quick attacks. the next weapons that would come under this category would be the lance and Gunlance. If your looking to deal devastating damage while having the ability to block attacks the Gunlance can offer this. With its wyvern fire ability which recharges after each use your never left without a trick up your sleeve.


Some hunters just don’t like to be up close and personal with their target monster. Instead they prefer to hang back and setup for a devastating barrage of gunfire or bowfire. Heavy /Light bowgun and the Bow are a great way to do this. Also providing that support characteristic as the guns have healing shots which you can fire at your team mates in a pinch. Along with being able to equip a multitude of elemental shots and damage type shots these weapons have a variety of modes to choose from. Heavy bowgun has the ability to barrage the opponent from a knelt position , the only downfall is you cannot move while in this setup, so be sure you have your escape route ready in case you get targeted.



To summarize, every weapon in monster hunter is just as good as the other, each has its advantages and disadvantages in different situations. The weapon is only as good as the hunter using it; you would not see a hunter trying to cut a tail with a hammer it just would not happen. Being an avid veteran of monster hunter myself has taught me many things. This is probably the most important one if your going to try and be successful during your quests. Try to become adept with as many weapons in the game as possible, this will definitely give you the edge over someone who has chosen to “master” one weapon. Most likely they believe this is the “best” weapon in the game; due to them liking a certain characteristic over another. Only using one weapon will cause them to be much more limited to how they can approach their foe.

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