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Ultima Online Phoenix
Ultima Online Phoenix is a free to play pre-AOS Ultima Online shard located in the United States, but they are like nothing you have experienced before. [...]
Dragon Quest Heroes
Dragon Quest Heroes Now for PC
Dragon Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below is finally out for PC through Steam, and it’s done nothing but impress players so far. 
Dark Souls III New Trailer
Dark Souls III, the wonderfully macabre world created by Bandai Namco, released a spectacular gameplay trailer this week. More news followed the trailer as [...]
Jade Empire: Special Edition (PC) Free!
Jade Empire: Special Edition, a fantastic martial arts RPG from BioWare, is available for free through! But it’s only for a limited time, [...]
Final Fantasy Explorers
Job Class Details for Final Fantasy Explorers
If you’ve ever played any of the Final Fantasy games, then you’re probably at least a little familiar with the job class system. Players choose [...]
Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV New Patch and Quests
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward launched Patch 3.1, As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness, and with it comes lots of new raids and quests to the world of Ishgard. [...]