Someone Finally Turned On The Nintendo PlayStation And It Works, For The Most Part

10th November 2015 - Articles, Games, Retro
Someone Finally Turned On The Nintendo PlayStation And It Works, For The Most Part

The genesis of the original PlayStation is something that most gamers already know about; that Nintendo partnered with Sony to make a new console only for Nintendo to back out leaving Sony with egg on their face.

Though the last laugh was with Sony, who took their technology and built the most successful series of gaming consoles in history.

The interesting part in all this was that the Nintendo version of the PlayStation had around 200 prototypes and it wasn’t until recently that someone actually found one.

That was Dan Diebold and his father Terry bought it at a bankruptcy auction for only $75.

Terry used to work for Advanta Corporation and when it went bankrupt in 2009, he bought a few things in the company’s bankruptcy auction, including the Nintendo PlayStation.

They think that this ended up at Advanta because one of the board members was Olaf Olafsson, who had been the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

The amazing thing in among all this is that this prototype console actually works, well for the most part.

While the cartridge slot at the rear works fine and allows SNES games to be played, the drive appears to be disabled. Whether this is intentional or not though isn’t clear yet.

However, for those that thought this was fake then that too is clearly not the case. Not only does it have its own custom operating system but also it’s clear from the hardware inside that this has Sony chips on-board. They even went so far to x-ray and disassemble the console, so this is definitely a legitimate find.

So for all those envious haters out there, Dan and Terry Diebold have done a historical service to gaming. As it helps to prove the genesis of Sony’s PlayStation brand as well as Nintendo’s arguably epic misjudgment in jilting their former business partner.

Source: Forbes

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