Pokemon ORAS Shiny Hunting Guide: Chain Fishing Method

3rd November 2015 - Articles, Guides and Walkthroughs, Pokemon, Pokemon ORAS
Pokemon ORAS Shiny Hunting Guide: Chain Fishing Method
Everyone loves shiny hunting, and by far the quickest and most efficient way is via fishing method. I will cover here all the things you need to know about shiny hunting for your favorite water Pokemon.

Things you will need:
-Any rod from in game (old, good, super)
– A pokemon with either of these abilities, Sticky Hold or Suction Cups (I use Swalot personally) this pokemon will also need to be in the first slot of your team.
– A smoke ball (this will be held by the first slot pokemon)
– Plenty of pokeballs to catch any shinys you encounter, quickballs would be best choice here
How to get started:
You need to find a patch of water, anywhere that spawns the pokemon you would like to find in shiny. For the best results find a tile that is in the corner and possibly blocked off on either side. This will give you the best chance on finding a shiny.
Then you once you are in the correct position go into the bag and register the rod to the Y button, be sure to remove other items that are registered. This will make it easier to chain without messing up. it’s easy from here on out, all you need to do is press Y and wait until the rod has a bite then reel it in.
If you find a normal coloured Pokemon you have three options. You can run, you can feint it, or you can go ahead and catch it. Obviously the smoke ball will ensure a run each time hence why it’s equipped to your first slot pokemon. The second option will use a lot of PP and is unnecessary. the final option is good if you have a lot of quick balls. Honestly running is the preferred option.
Once you have run from the non shiny, go ahead and stay in the same spot ensuring you don’t move. This will break your chain. Carry on fishing and reeling in the pokemon make sure to press A as soon as you see the two red exclamation marks above your players head. Ignore the sound as this will cause you to reel in late!
You should find a shiny usually from 40 chain and onward, usually between 40 and 100 is the best chance. But it can be higher there is no guarantee. If you follow these steps above you will have all the shiny water pokemon you desire. In my experience I managed to find around 4 shinys per hour using this method.
Have fun and be sure to post a comment below if you use a slightly different method, I would love to hear it.
Thanks for reading!
Article by Joe5029

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