Rocket League Halloween-Themed Event Starts Next Week

14th October 2017 - Games
Rocket League Halloween-Themed Event Starts Next Week

Rocket League is getting a Halloween-themed event that kicks off next week.

As detailed on the game’s official website, the event, dubbed Haunted Hallows, will bring new crates and items to the game. It will also introduce an event-specific currency, Candy Corn, which can be earned by playing and completing online matches. The currency can be used in the special event to purchase new event items.

Haunted Hallows event crate, via Psyonix

The first item, Decryptors, are a new way to unlock crates, purchasable only with Candy Corn. Decryptors can be used to open any type of crate, but keep in mind that any crate opened with a Decryptor will reward an untradeable item.

The second purchasable item is the Haunted Hallows event crate, each of which contains special event items. These crates can also be earned from online matches, as well as purchased directly (Haunted Hallows crates purchased directly won’t require a key or Decryptor to open). These crates will not be updated for next Halloween, so if you wait until next your to open a crate it will contain the same potential items. Finally, there will also be a number of standalone items to buy with your Candy Corn.

Article Source: IGN

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