Push For Emor: Liberation With A Smile!

11th March 2016 - Indie Games Promotion
Push For Emor: Liberation With A Smile!

Push For Emor is SciFi FPS RPG with light RTS building elements thrown in for good measure.

When the Emorian Empire starts to expand its territories into Justicar federal space, Colonel Ferris Glutes sends you in undercover to join a resistance group allied with Justicar. Your mission, that you have no choice but to accept (because it’s your job and it would be a very short game if you didn’t) is to clear the way for Justicar forces.

Push For Emor is a one man project. It is the game that the developer had always wanted to play, but it didn’t exist. He had always liked EVE, but was disappointed that you couldn’t board battle damaged ships or land on the planets he visited. He had always liked Borderlands, but found himself wanting to leave the planet and go exploring other similar worlds. He had an Oculus Rift – He wanted all that gameplay in an FPS VR game, but no one was making it. He decided to make it himself.


  • 5 Solar Systems.
  • 11 planets of varying tech levels (low, steampunk & cyberpunk).
  • Mission driven game-play (on planet and in space).
  • Planet & Space combat.
  • Disable enemy ships in space and board them.
  • Explore & fight through abandoned space stations.
  • Move between solar systems and planets via space warp gates.
  • Create mining facilities on resource gathering planets and defend them.
  • Fly/Drive a great selection of vehicles (if you can see it in game, you can get in it).
  • Works on both a Monitor and Virtual Reality Headsets.
  • Works with Oculus DK2.
  • Will support Oculus CV1 and Steam Vive (awaiting hardware).




Garry Hamer
Game Development
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