Pokemon ORAS Shiny Hunt Guide – DexNav

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Pokemon ORAS Shiny Hunt Guide – DexNav

We all love shiny Pokemon! Whether it be just because it’s a cool colour, or just because it’s our favorite of them all. The following guides will cover in depth how to use the methods in game to shiny hunt and get results.

Here are all of the available methods you can use and I will cover in detail each method and how to carry them out.
DexNav – The method of using the Dex nav in game to specifically target one pokemon you have already seen or obtained either by capturing or GTS/trading.

Things you will need:


Let’s use a route which is fairly easy to dex nav in, for example take route 101 at the start of the game

Now my preferred method before I even get started in a zone is to find a “sweet spot”.  “Now what is a sweet spot?” you ask, its where 90% of the time you press the search button on the Dex Nav you will get a result back. This is crucial to find otherwise you will waste a lot of time running back and forth or encountering randoms in the area. To find the sweet spot pick an area for example in the route above. Go in between the grass patches above the ledge, this allows the game as many patches of grass as possible to spawn a pokemon.

Once you have the sweet spot go ahead and choose the pokemon from that zone you want a shiny version of. You must have caught the pokemon already to be able to dexnav it, please bare that in mind.

Let’s say you know the pokemon you want to chain and are ready to begin ,what you would do next is the following. Use a super repel and proceed to save the game , from now refrain from saving,this is in case you need to soft reset you save money on super repels. Next you need to press the Dex nav option and select the desired pokemon ,this will set off the search function.

Once a pokemon pops up be sure to only move using the circle pad on your 3ds, your character needs to sneak otherwise you scare the pokemon away. Try to get to the pokemon as quick as you can as you have a limited time before it runs away. Once you encounter the pokemon and if it’s a normal version go ahead and either faint it or capture it . These are the only two ways to keep your chain. This is why you will need pokemon with high pp moves.

Basically from here on out you just need to follow the same pattern until the amazing shiny appears, I cannot advise when it will appear but if you stick to this method you will guarantee yourself a shiny.

3 thoughts on “Pokemon ORAS Shiny Hunt Guide – DexNav


Um, you don’t need moves with lots of PP, quick balls, remove items from registered list etc. All those are opional. Heck, you don’t even really need repels. A lot of these things are good to have, but certainly not a must.

The chain doesn’t matter, you can just go and replenish your PP however when you run out. Granted, having more PP will allow you to hunt for longer without pause so that’s good, but again… it’s optional.

Also, I highly recommend you DO keep the Acro bike registered, so you can buny hop in one place to initiate a dexnav encounter for when you can’t find one the normal way.

    Joe Cove

    if you do not bring repels you will not keep encountering the same pokemon, this method has worked for me, there are many ways to skin a cat ;).

    I will continue to update this with things I find that work :)

Joe Cove

You are very welcome, I will be updating this again as I have more tips and tricks to get shiny pokemon faster :)

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