We’re On Patreon, Gain Twitch Support!

13th September 2016 - Articles, Twitch Tips
We’re On Patreon, Gain Twitch Support!

We have now launched our campaign on Patreon.

If you choose to support us on Patreon you will gain a lot of benefits to help you start or boost your existing twitch channel.

You may feel you cannot afford to get as many games as you would like. With one of our perks you will have the chance or guarantee yourself games each month.

Twitch Support
Your channel will benefit highly from our support you can get free OBS support from our experienced streamers. You can get overlays created for you and advice on how to improve your stream.

Hosts & Raids
You will gain the full support from our twitch stream team and other patrons. They will visit your channel and host and raid you after streams. This will bring you more potential viewers and subscribers.

You can view our twitch team here


You will gain the chance or guarantee yourself a spot in our E-magazine which gets sent weekly to all our readers.
Twitter posts will also be used to promote your stream.
Your stream will be embedded on our website on the front page.

You can read the full list of perks here.

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