Numbo Jumbo – A mobile game that adds up!

30th June 2016 - Articles, Freebies, Games, Indie Games Promotion
Numbo Jumbo – A mobile game that adds up!

Numbo Jumbo is the first game developed by indie developers Wombo Combo Games. An arcade puzzle game, it has a very simple premise. You group numbers that add together. For example, you would group “3, 5, 8” together because “3+5=8”. Easy, right? The higher the sums, the greater your score at the end.

The game offers 4 different game modes, aimed at putting your addition and pattern matching skills through varying testing conditions. ‘Timed’ is a timed mode where the player swipes as many combos as they can within 60 seconds. ‘Moves’ is the opposite, with unlimited time to make sums, but the player is limited to only 20 moves. There are also 2 endless modes. ‘Infinite’ challenges players by introducing higher valued numbers as levels ascend, while the game gradually picks up speed. ‘Stack’, on the other hand, has no time limit but each move causes the game to drop an increasing number of blocks.

Players use their finger to swipe a group of numbers, so that the largest number is equal to the sum of the other numbers.

The game also features an achievement list, leaderboards to compare both your own scores and the scores of your friends, and an in-game currency system earned by getting high scores. These all encourage players to constantly improve and challenge themselves, delivering a well balanced puzzle experience capable of challenging all ages and skill sets. This, paired with the game’s simplistic and aesthetically pleasing art style, creates a game that can be enjoyed both casually and competitively that’s very easy on the eyes.


If you would like more information, check out the official trailer below or their website at

Numbo Jumbo is available FOR FREE on iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play) mobile devices. Check it out!


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