NARUTO and Pac-Man hit mobile screens for free!

13th September 2016 - Freebies, Games
NARUTO and Pac-Man hit mobile screens for free!
Bandai Namco Entertainment have developed two fantastically fun games for your Android and IOS devices both are free to download and extremely addictive to play.
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Blazing


NARUTO is a strategic formation battle game requiring players to participate in exhilarating battles against powerful enemies and foes alike. Use Ninjutsu to eliminate all who stand in your way as you progress through the story in which players re-live Naruto’s adventures and participate in intense battles. NARUTO also has multiplayer allowing players to face battles with up to 3 people letting you team up on missions to defeat your foes. The game features a challenge mode in which players can challenge other players in “Phantom Castle”. Phantom Castle is a special mode that can only be accessed during special events this mode requires players to take down multiple enemies as you climb Phantom Castle to ultimately reach the top. You can download NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Blazing for Android HERE and IOS HERE. Get it now and become the ultimate ninja!

Pac-Man Pop


Pac-Man Pop is the only game that combines the classic arcade game with the addictiveness of bubble shooters. The game features hours of addictive bubble bursting as Pac-Man needs your help to save all his pets. See how fast you can pop them bubbles and save them pets. burst them mischievous ghost in the quickest using strategy and skills. Use classic Pac-Man power ups to destroy lots of bubbles at once and ultimately fill Pac-Man up with points. Compete with other players in the online leaderboards and play fun packed mini-games to get even higher scores and help Pac-Man save them pets! Grab yourself a cherry and speed on down to the Android or IOS store to download the game free! Click here for Android and Here for IOS.

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