Monster Hunter X Scans & Concepts Revealed!

4th June 2015 - Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter X
Monster Hunter X Scans & Concepts Revealed!

Monster Hunter X

Famitsu scans for 06-04-15

Lots of concept art, which is exciting to see the designs for the upcoming flagship monsters.They also mention each flagship’s species type, but no names yet so we must go by their nicknames

Bubbles – Leviathan
Carnotaurus – Brute Wyvern
Dragonfly – Flying Wyvern
Popodrome – Fanged Beast

There is also a Guild Research Base, which would explain the scholarly drawings we’ve seen. They do touch on the fact there’s 4 unique Hunting Styles and that they are balanced, but there’s nothing really in-depth about them.

There are not too many details in the issue of Famitsu since the game was just revealed.


With thanks to Kogath for the scans

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