Monster Hunter World Looks Like A Great Step For The Series

15th June 2017 - Capcom, Games, Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter World Looks Like A Great Step For The Series

Since the series started way back in 2004, the Monster Hunter series has learned plenty of new tricks. The most recent entries have done a lot to speed up the series’ proven (and deep!) action RPG systems. Monster Hunter World takes that existing framework and speeds it up a little more, making it easier to hunt and gather without negatively impacting the tough-as-nails monster showdowns that fans adore as a result. New items like the crossbow and the ghillie suits add fresh layers of depth, but the biggest surprise of MH Worlds is its gorgeous (and seamless) environment. It’s an impressive-looking ecosystem that feels alive, and it adds exciting new ideas that will significantly impact future installments to come.

It is important to say upfront that the large landmass here (called the “New World”) isn’t an open world, but it still has a lot going for it and, most importantly, it finally does away with zoning — the brief, action-breaking loading screen that greeted players whenever they wandered between the segmented zones of previous MH games. The fact that the world is so seamless is immediately noticeable, and there’s a staggering amount of detail that other large-scale action RPG games have taken advantage of for years.


But MH World adds its own clever ideas to make the ecosystem feel alive. I watched hands-off demo of the new Monster Hunter in a closed theater at the Capcom booth and here are some of the things I observed:

As expected, vines and tree branches sway in the breeze, day-night cycles significantly change the lighting and the mood of the world, and monsters that run away no longer disappear off into the distance. The New World gives monster Hunter the ability to finally shake off decades of limitations, giving it more labyrinthine passages and destructible set pieces that fit naturally into the environment.

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