Just Some General MGSV Tips

12th September 2015 - Guides and Walkthroughs, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

I think that everyone should know these tips and tricks when playing Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain for the first time. Included are suggestions about basic game strategy as well as some little things to do that you might enjoy.


In your command menu you can map a Knock command onto your controller’s right bumper. This causes your arm to emit a quiet  sound which is absolutely perfect for luring nearby guards into range of your melee takedown. It’s only effective within a few meters, which makes it especially useful for selective aggro.

Just a Box

After developing the Cardboard Box during Episode 2: Diamond Dogs, Snake can add posters and decals to it that will have varying effects while on-mission.

After locating a poster out in the open world you can attach it to your Box using the item selector. Some decals will have guards going doe eyed while others will cause them to salute. Try them out and find what works for you.

You can also fast travel  within the your area while using the box. For example, on your mother base there are orange delivery points. Just get in the box, sit in the designated area and after a couple of seconds you will be able to choose to travel to delivery points on different platforms.

In the field you need to collect “invoices” to be able to fast travel to and from places. These will be at the delivery points that are scattered around.MGSV-Box_08-12-14

Enemies Adapt

Enemies in MGSV enemies adapt to your favourite tactics. If you use a lot of headshot you’ll soon overhear conversations about new shipments of helmets. You might start noticing enemy gear that makes it harder to continue with the same tactics. Switch to multiple dart shots to the body and you may see more flak vests. Come in at night a lot? Expect shipments of flashlights. The enemy is always learning. But you can work against this…

Once you’ve gained the ability to make Combat Deployments and have the right personnel on hand, you can start to counteract these adaptations by fooling with enemy equipment. Certain raids open to your combat teams will allow you to sabotage factories. Use this to destroy supplies of helmets, cameras, and much more.

Build a Zoo

The Afghan and Angolan countrysides are both teeming with wildlife. Using tranquilliser weapons or traps, you can capture and Fulton the wildlife back to Mother Base. Not only does this get you cash, but it also allows you to stock your base with a wildlife preserve complete with members of every species you’ve rescued. Head over and visit your furry friends.Sheep

Quiet Commands

Although it’s not immediately obvious, you actually have two different ways of commanding Quiet. You can issue her commands through the L1 menu in a manner similar to D-Horse, and you can also command her from the main map screen at any time. By cycling up and down through your tagging options you can order her to either scout an outpost, revealing threats nearby, or you can have her take up a sniping position at any number of locations marked on the map by a gunsight icon.

Destroy Enemy Equipment

The satellite relays located in enemy camps can be destroyed with great potential benefits. Dishes come in two types: small and large. The small relays are communications dishes used to call in reinforcements when garrisons are depleted. Destroy these and you can cut off reinforcement, but note you must destroy every one of these dishes in the area for this to work.

The larger, truck-mounted, sweeping dishes are anti-air radar. Destroying these makes landing in an area much safer for your chopper and allows you to open up new LZs, some right on top of your position.Radar

Interrogate Mother Base Personnel

Interrogate your crew and they may disclose Rough Diamond locations around the various platforms of Mother Base. If all the diamonds have been collected and haven’t respawned yet, they will give you tips and alert you to the enemy adapting to your tactics. Interrogating your crew also rewards you with increased staff morale since it counts as an interaction.

Using Your Box as a Sledge

Did you know your cardboard box is more than just a box, it’s a sledge! If you start running in the box and then dive, you and the box will slide for a few feet.

Even better, if you do this on a hill, you can slide down the hill as if you were sledding on snow. Not only is it good fun, but it also allow you to get down hills quickly and safely!

2 thoughts on “Just Some General MGSV Tips

Alex Falkor

I’d like to add a few tips of my own if that’s alright.

In the future, when you are capable of obtaining vehicles such as Tanks and Missile-trucks, decoys and EMP mines are going to be your best friend. You can also do a cheaper method and run behind the Tank and shoot at it with a silencer; this results in the vehicle stopping as it will turn and try to investigate the direction it was shot from.

CQC knockouts can be done in two ways.

The first method is when you normal grapple and press the R2 button again in order to choke them out. The pro’ of this method is that it keeps the target knocked out for a longer period of time, the con’ of this method is that it takes a while, which may give the enemy enough time to spot you.

Side Note: If you have a hostage and are aiming at an enemy and the enemy sees you, they will not attempt to shoot (As they are focused on saving their comrade). Instead they will attempt to rush you and CQC you away from their comrade. This gives you a nice clear shot at the running target with your tranq gun or your lethal gun.

The second method is when you are fully standing with an enemy, pressing forward or backward and then pressing R2. This results in Big Boss throwing/slamming the enemy. The pro’ of this method is that it is done much faster then choking them out but the con’ is that enemies are capable of hearing this & they are not knocked out as long as being choked out ; however, if you slam the enemy against a wall then the knock out is just about the same length as choking them out.

    Joe Cove

    Thanks so much for these tips Alex ! :)

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