iOS 10.3 What Changes Can Be Expected?

8th February 2017 - Articles, Tech, Technology News
iOS 10.3 What Changes Can Be Expected?

For those who use apps on their iPhone or iPad, requests from app developers to review their apps can easily become annoying. People grow frustrated with pop-ups, especially if they navigate them into the App Store. Apple is definitely aware of certain issues that impact user experience and enjoyment, and they are addressing them in this new iOS.


Leaked information about the upcoming operating system indicates that iOS 10.3 will limit the number of review requests a publisher can generate to three a year. Those requests must be delivered via the Reviews API if they wish to ask their users for ratings. Additionally, it will give consumers the option of opting out of review requests and similar pop-ups entirely.


Win-Win for Users and Developers


For developers, who rely heavily on ratings and reviews to drive new traffic and downloads, this may seem unfair. Thankfully, iOS 10.3 has another change which could increase the willingness of users to rate and review an app without needing to be repeatedly prompted: They will soon be able to rate them directly from the app itself, without going to the App Store.


Additionally, developers will be gaining the ability to directly respond to reviews, which could clear up user issues that result in one- or two-star ratings. If developers plan the delivery of their three permitted review prompts carefully and respond to complaints or issues proactively, their app rating and download count could benefit. Users will certainly be glad of the reduced number of pop-ups and prompts.


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