Everything You Should Know Before Starting a Twitch Stream

11th June 2015 - Articles, Twitch Tips
Everything You Should Know Before Starting a Twitch Stream

Are you starting your own Twitch stream? Taking on a new task is healthy but can also be quite nerve-wracking. So, as a helpful guide, I have pieced together some things that you should know to do before, during, and after each of your streams.


1. Buy a Webcam. Some laptops (like mine, a Toshiba) have built in webcams, but most of them do not. It’s definitely not a requirement to have a webcam on and facing you during your stream, but it’s ideal if you want to appeal to users. It doesn’t matter how you look either (Twitch has nothing to do with vanity), but just having users be able to know who’s streaming by looking at you and knowing your exact facial expressions, viewers will be more apt to stop by your stream and say hello.

2. Select a Trendy Game. If you’re playing something that was popular ten or fifteen years ago, not a lot of viewers will take an interest in your stream. Some video games that a lot of people are currently buzzing about are Destiny, Witcher 3, Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto V, and really, anything Mario or Pokemon related. Make sure you choose something you enjoy; if you look bored, so will your audience.

trendy game

3. Be Welcoming. As soon as a viewer pops up in your chat room, make it your mission to make them feel at home. Viewers love to be loved by their favorite streamers, and if you want to be anyone’s top streamer, then you have to be pleasant and welcoming. Make conversation with them. Let them open up to you. Be a friend to your viewers, and you’ll soon have much more people chatting along with you.

4. Be Open to Criticism. Twitch is not a place for sensitivity. Unless someone is seriously showing you or your viewers hate, you have to show your viewers that you’re listening to their opinions. If someone suggests a game for you to play or ways to improve your stream, seriously consider it. You have to tend to your own needs in your stream as well as your regular viewers.

5. Make a Schedule and Stick to It. Having a regular stream time will be more convenient for both you and your viewers. If you are one of those streamers who streams without notice, disappears for days on end, and then returns without warning, your viewer count will decrease rapidly. People like consistency. They like to know ahead of time when you’ll be streaming so they can clear their own schedule.


6. Promote Your Stream. You’re not going to go anywhere if people don’t know about your stream! Create a Twitter account and tweet constantly about your stream. Note the positives, tell people why it would be a fantastic experience for them to watch your stream. Who knows? You could grow a fan base!

7. Create a Tip Jar. This is not necessary, but sometimes you need a little financial help to better your stream. You can’t act desperate for money, though. As you set up your tip jar (go to for information), make sure you say something like ‘donations are appreciated but not necessary.’ That way, people will be more willing to donate.

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8. Make Friends with Co-Streamers. Drop in a few popular streams and get to know the streamer. Slowly mention that you have a stream yourself (make sure you don’t sound like you’re self-promoting!) and they just might help you advertise! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a stream and the streamer will start shouting out all of these awesome stream names. A lot of people are happy to promote for you!

9. Protect Your Viewers. If a troll drops in chat and starts bad-mouthing your loyal viewers, you have to block them. Tell them that that type of behavior is not allowed. Showing your viewers that you have their backs can earn you some major following points.

10. Host Giveaways and Contests. My last piece of advice is to hold a giveaway. The small-time prizes would be something like, ‘you can be moderator for a week’ or anything else that has to do with extra involvement in your stream. Make sure you title your stream ‘MASS GIVEAWAY’ or something that catches audiences’ eyes before going live. Constantly mention the contests to get people excited. Weekly giveaways would give you a lot more followers/viewers!

Remember to stick by these rules when starting your own stream. If you already have a Twitch stream but it’s not doing so well, maybe try switching it up and doing something a little different next time you go live. A lot of people tend to get bored if you stream the same game for months! Good luck with your streams!

Article By: Allyson (Allyson99)

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