Confessions of an average Monster Hunter player Part 1

8th June 2016 - Games, Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Confessions of an average Monster Hunter player Part 1

Part 1: The Intro

Getting into a big videogame franchise is never easy, especially if everyone you know seem to be masters of it and you feel like a minnow in a pond full of sharks. Or is that just me? Anyway, I felt like that with Monster Hunter, Capcom’s giant franchise where you go after and hunt a variety of giant monsters, gather different materials and basically try to craft awesome looking armour sets.


Now our story begins with me deciding to try a Monster Hunter game after watching it being streamed and while I never showed any interest in the series before, maybe it was the prospect of being able to play a game I could enjoy with others that started the inner fire within me and made me decided to just go for it. I was excited to play a Monster Hunter game for the first time and of course, learn about all the different mechanics, weapon types and e.t.c. Of course I knew it wasn’t going to be a cakewalk as I knew about The Struggle that would ensue while playing it (but that’s another part for next week) but still, I was excited.


Soon enough, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate came through the post and with it, a new sense of discovery awaited me. I admit, the controls are hard to get used to at first, as I discovered when i struggled to hit even the smaller monsters that roam the game’s levels, which are multiple zoned areas that can feel like a maze at times but at least they’re numbered and the map (that you have to collect first at the supplies box that gratefully is positioned at the place you normally spawn in,) at least gives you an indication of where each zone connects to another. But in the end, I was excited because I knew I could play this with friends and any struggle I would face would be worth it.


Anyway why I didn’t know if I’d be able to cope with a game that seemed more serious than it let on, I couldn’t wait to see what was next in store for me. Hence, The Struggle, which will be explained next week so stay tuned for next weeks part of Confessions of a average Monster Hunter Player!

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