Adam’s Retro Showcase: Net Yaroze
Its a sure thing that among the triple-A titles that rest in your console’s hard drive there will be some indie games floating around there too and [...]
Adam’s Retro Showcase: Introduction
Hello there! I’m Adam Morris, one of the people who makes sure you guys have the latest gaming info to read here in Gamers Elixir.
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Lost Game Boy Color Banjo-Kazooie Game Unearthed In Design Documents
When Rare was purchased by Microsoft many assumed that there would be no more titles from
Nintendo PlayStation cartridge-CD console found
Sports card and stamp collectors have one thing in common: both maintain collections that could one day net them millions. In the case of one man in [...]
Nintendo Finally Released This RPG After 25 Years
A CLASSIC NINTENDO game that was only ever released in Japan has finally found its way to the rest of the world. Mother, originally released on the Famicom [...]