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Survival Horror Game for PC With Procedurally Generated Worlds Announced
Procedurally Generated Survival Horror Dead by Daylight is the next game from Naughty Bear and Wet developer Behaviour Interactive. The game, announced [...]
Showcase: Splitmind by Rendal Studio
Hello, Fellow Gamers, and welcome to another showcase! Today we look at a game called Splitmind, a 2D adventure game that takes inspiration from the likes [...]
Showcase: Shadows of Adam by Something Classic Games
Hello fellow gamers Gale here with my first IndieDev Showcase post of 2016! For those of you who are new to my formats the IndieDev Showcase blogs are a [...]
Win Sayonara UmiharaKawase Game Keys
Fans of UmiharaKawase series of games – your wait is officially over!