Indie Games Promotion

Utomik The Ultimate Gaming Subscription!
I just stumbled upon something cool! a new subscription platform for games which downloads them to your own PC.
The Indie Spotlight: A Merry Recruitmas
Today we look at an Indie web-based game called A Merry Recruitmas by Uniting Ambition, a likeable autoscrolling platformer that not only has a Christmassy [...]
Bizarre Blocks – Bringing back the toddler in you!
Bizarre Blocks is the newest game from NNterprises and is a small arcade/puzzle game developed for mobile devices.
Numbo Jumbo – A mobile game that adds up!
Numbo Jumbo is the first game developed by indie developers Wombo Combo Games. An arcade puzzle game, it has a very simple premise. You group numbers that [...]
Push For Emor: Liberation With A Smile!
Push For Emor is SciFi FPS RPG with light RTS building elements thrown in for good measure.
Showcase: Dual Gear by Orbital Speed Studio Co Ltd
Hello fellow gamers welcome once again to another IndieDev Showcase, where I show off games created by Indie Developers that MASSIVELY deserve your [...]