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Pokemon Go First Legendary, Lugia, Revealed
Lugia is the first Legendary Pokemon to be added to Pokemon Go. Rachel Quirico, who was hosting the Pokemon Go Fest stream, shared the news, confirming [...]
Wish Pokemon Go had trainer battles? This new Poke-mobile game is all about PvP
Pokemon Go has grown a lot since the summer, but it still lacks possibly the most important aspect of the Pokemon experience: head-to-head competition. [...]
Pokemon Go Will Reportedly Get New Pokemon This Week
A leak from Starbucks (who else?) may have outed that new Pokemon will be added to Pokemon Go this Thursday, December 8.
Easy shinys in Pokemon Sun and Moon: SOS Hunting
Just like X and Y and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon Sun and Moon has plenty of ways in which you can hunt for those precious shinys and theres now [...]
Catching Pokemon should be easier once you install this new Pokemon Go update
We’ve all felt the burn of a low-CP Pokemon breaking free of a Poke Ball and running away. But a new update to Pokemon Go aims to reduce that [...]
Pokemon Go getting the port it so desperately needs: to Dreamcast VMU
Pokemon Go, a game for iOS and Android smartphones about wandering around and catching Pokemon, is in the process of being ported to the Dreamcast VMU, a [...]