Monster Hunter X Will Release Without Monster Subspecies
While Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate may have just been released in North America this year, Monster Hunter X is scheduled to be released this week in Japan!
Another Action Packed Monster Hunter X Trailer
Enjoy another action packed trailer from Capcom, showing off weapons and monsters from their new upcoming title for the Nintendo 3ds. Monster Hunter X.
Top 10 Hardest Monsters In MH4U
Everyone has that one monster in the Monster Hunter Universe which becomes their nemesis: no matter how many times you face it, you just never quite master it.
Monster Hunter Getting First-Ever TV Show in Japan
Monster Hunter Stories, the upcoming 3DS entry in the series that goes in a new direction, is getting its own animated TV show in Japan. The program, [...]
Monster Hunter X ‘Nyanter Mode’ trailer released
Capcom has released a six-minute gameplay video of Monster Hunter X introducing the game’s newly announced Nyanter Mode. In Nyanter Mode, you can play [...]
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate August DLC Pack
Hey there Hunters, still going at it? Taking a break playing through various other backlog games but I’m slowly returning again just in time!