Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Confessions of an average Monster Hunter player Part 1
Part 1: The Intro Getting into a big videogame franchise is never easy, especially if everyone you know seem to be masters of it and you feel like a minnow [...]
Top 10 Hardest Monsters In MH4U
Everyone has that one monster in the Monster Hunter Universe which becomes their nemesis: no matter how many times you face it, you just never quite master it.
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate August DLC Pack
Hey there Hunters, still going at it? Taking a break playing through various other backlog games but I’m slowly returning again just in time!
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – July DLC Pack
Here’s even more Free DLC to expand your Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate experience!
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate free DLC Lineup for June
Hear ye, hear ye! We have this new Monster Hunter 4 update from Nintendo, and yes, we’re all excited! Ready? Here goes…