Bizarre Blocks – Bringing back the toddler in you!

9th July 2016 - Articles, Freebies, Games, Indie Games Promotion
Bizarre Blocks – Bringing back the toddler in you!

Bizarre Blocks is the newest game from NNterprises and is a small arcade/puzzle game developed for mobile devices. The game revolves around fitting different shapes through the correct holes in a runner-style format, which varies depending on the game mode.


You remember playing those shape-fitting puzzles back when you were a toddler? The mental headache of trying to find the right shape that fits into their corresponding hole? Well, Bizarre Blocks takes that concept, assumes you know your geometry, and turns it digital by allowing you to switch shapes (by tapping the screen) as the holes approach. Think of it like a vertical version of Hole in the Wall (yes, the British game show hosted by Dale Winton).

Just like every two year old’s favourite puzzle, the game simply requires the correct shape to go into the correct hole. With many different levels, speeds and obstacles, the game does not always stay so simple, however! There are two different modes in the game: Infinite and Challenge. Infinite works like the classic runner mobile games, as the game gradually picks up speed and more shapes are introduced. The longer the player can stay in the game, the higher the score. Challenge mode has a set amount of obstacles that the player must complete to beat the challenge, and they are sorted in three different difficulty settings (easy, medium, hard). Beat a challenge, and you unlock some of the in-game currency and advance to the next challenge. There are 72 challenges altogether, so there’s no shortage to the amount of obstacles that’ll be thrown at you.


Combine this with an in-game currency system, achievements, unlockable colours and styles, a varied soundtrack, and an online leaderboard, and Bizarre Blocks is a nifty little package that will entertain you and push you to improve. If you’re interested, be sure to check out the promo below. PLUS, by entering the exclusive code ‘NEWCAS322‘ (case sensitive) you can unlock even more like free currency and unlocks!

Bizarre Blocks is available FOR FREE on iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play) mobile devices.

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