Ban Bots Running Twitch Streams

19th June 2015 - Articles, Games, Technology News, Twitch Tips
Ban Bots Running Twitch Streams

Should we ban bots running twitch streams?
 A lot of people in the Pokemon community dislike the fact that certain streamers use bots to run their streams to farm money without any effort. A bot that doesn’t actually do anything. It just keeps the stream running when the streamer isn’t there, and doesn’t provide any stream content. I am not talking about bots like nightbot and deepbot, those bots are good. But I talk about bots that run the stream while the streamer is away.

bot channel

Twitch stream AuSLove is run by a bot and has music playing

There are smaller streamers who work extremely hard to get viewers, and these certain streamers take a bunch of viewers by giving away free stuff. I, as well as other streamers on twitch think that the terms of service should include that you can not have a bot or several bots running your stream. That there has to be an interactive streamer talking to their viewers.

joe5029 stream

Twitch stream Joe5029 is run by himself interacting with his chatters and viewers

I mean, that is what twitch is about, right?
Twitch is about live streaming. LIVE streaming. Not a bot running things. Please sign this petition so that we can attempt to get these bots stopped.

Please Follow this link to sign the petition

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