Adam’s Retro Showcase: Introduction

24th January 2016 - Articles, Retro
Adam’s Retro Showcase: Introduction

Hello there! I’m Adam Morris, one of the people who makes sure you guys have the latest gaming info to read here in Gamers Elixir. When I’m not writing blogs as my persona: NiceGuy Eggington The Third, I play all different kinds of games and read Retro Gamer because I’ve always had a soft spot for retro games.  So I thought to myself, why not start a article series every Sunday where I talk about all things Retro?


Expect to see articles about consoles, home computers, how difficult it used to be to plug consoles in, how TV’s used to like when playing games and all sorts (not the Licorice sweets!) as well, its always nice to learn more about the games, consoles and developers that paved the way for the gaming world that exists today. So starting next Sunday, I’ll be doing my best to make a series where Retro games can be celebrated.

Till then, see you  next Sunday! :D

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