A Super Announcement: New Pokemon Game!

9th June 2015 - Games, Pokemon, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
A Super Announcement: New Pokemon Game!

As you know, Nintendo were going to announce a new Pokemon game which, of course, left many people wondering whether it’ll be either a second version of X and Y (X and Y2) or a third version (Pokemon Z for example) while others thought it could be a remake of Pokemon Diamond or Pearl or even Yellow! In the end though, it turned out to be none other than Super Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

Now I don’t mind that they’re releasing another game from this franchise as it one I’ve always enjoyed over the years, I like the mechanics of the Mystery Dungeon and the fact that every dungeon is randomised and I have fond memories of playing both Red and Blue Rescue Team. I do understand that some people are not happy with this though because there are other Pokemon games that could be made. For example, why haven’t Nintendo released another Pokemon Ranger yet? That was another series I enjoyed as the way you had to capture Pokemon was simple yet fun as well as good stories that made you want to keep playing. There have been three games released so far and one for the 3DS would be a really great idea as they can think of new mechanics and improve many things such as the graphic and controls.


Another game that Nintendo could have released was a new battle Revolution on the Wii U. The first game was really good, especially when you could battle other people using your DS as a controller. Also, now that there are over 700 Pokemon there are even more possibilities to create the ultimate Pokemon Team and the enhanced graphics would really prove that a Pokemon game can be on the Wii U and maybe then we can see a full Pokemon game on a console other than the 3DS. Another example is that people are getting bored of this franchise now. You see, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity was a good game, but it felt different than the others, probably because Nintendo altered the game to not only include the same premise of exploring dungeons with a story element but having to build your own town at the same time. Don’t get me wrong this is a good game, it’s just I never really got into this game so I’m hoping that Super Mystery Dungeon will be able to get me back into it so I can relieve those memories of playing this series all over again!

We don’t know much about Pokemon Mystery Dungeon other than you can choose to be one of 20 Pokemon to play as and all 720 Pokemon will be in the game but I’m sure that this will be another good Pokemon game from Nintendo, all we need now is a new Pokemon Ranger…

Article By: Adam Morris (Theniceguy012)

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