Showcase: Dual Gear by Orbital Speed Studio Co Ltd

10th February 2016 - Indie Games Promotion
Showcase: Dual Gear by Orbital Speed Studio Co Ltd

Hello fellow gamers welcome once again to another IndieDev Showcase, where I show off games created by Indie Developers that MASSIVELY deserve your support!

Today I showcase Dual Gear by indie developer Dual Gear by Orbital Speed Studio Co Ltd, a  game that is part of a genre close to my mechanical heart…mechs and mecha.

I’ve played my fair share of these from Mission Force: Cyberstorm (old school hype!) through the Mechwarrior franchise (still playing Mechwarrior Online now!) and other mecha type games such as Armoured Core and Hawken. So to say that this game is of interest to me would be a…slight understatement! Let’s kick this thing off shall we!?

 Dual missile pods? Oh hello my dear!

Dual missile pods? Oh hello my dear!

Game Information

Name: Dual Gear

Developer/Publisher: Orbital Speed Studio Co.,Ltd.

Genre: Action/Strategy/Simulation

Expected release date: Q1 2017

Estimated cost on release: £15/$20 (rough estimate based on crowdfunding contributions)

Platforms: PC (Windows), Mac, Xbox One, PS4

You too can be a stylish motherf'ker in a mech!

You too can be a stylish motherf’ker in a mech!

About Dual Gear

Dual Gear is a turn based strategy game combination with action gameplay inspired from classical japanese mech TBS games . Player can command the units with turn based system from the third person action perspective ,develop a pilot, customize their own mechs squad to finish the mission and find the secret parts,weapons ,story. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and still in development. Also the game will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on the 25th Jan 2016 and early pre alpha demo for PC(windows) version will already for download too.

Pilot your mech and keep a tactical play by turn based system! DUAL GEAR is a Turn Based Action game giving the player experience of the pilot themselves and at the same time, the player needed to think about the tactic and strategy. Making the reaction, management of resource and awareness of the mission extremely important.

Fwooosh go the missiles of doom! Go forth my pretties and bloweth up thine enemies!

Fwooosh go the missiles of doom! Go forth my pretties and bloweth up thine enemies!

Game Features

  • Story campaign,30 hours to play.
  • 30 Missions for story campaign with replayability. Several other submissions.
  • Unit,Squad customization.
  • 30 original mech ! and over 100 parts!
  • 60 type of weapons.
  • Super Weapons!
  • Carrier System
  • Armor, Part Break System
  • Character development system.
  • Action skills, Passive skills.
  • Chain combination attack.
  • Huge Mech Boss.
  • Space Combat system.
  • Initial language EN, JP, TH
Yep that's right, FULL customisation baby! The colours....LOOK AT THEM!

Yep that’s right, FULL customisation baby! The colours….LOOK AT THEM!

Other screenshots from in-game



Do I need to? Really? You can’t tell how excited I am for this? Ok ok so I’m a little biased as it’s a mech game and it already looks amazing! but in all seriousness I really dig the turn-based action of it. I’ve had a tinker with the demo already and I think I may have fell in love.

Article Source: Gamescroller

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