Top 10 Hardest Monsters In MH4U

29th September 2015 - Guides and Walkthroughs, Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Top 10 Hardest Monsters In MH4U

Everyone has that one monster in the Monster Hunter Universe which becomes their nemesis: no matter how many times you face it, you just never quite master it.

Here is our rundown of the top 10 most difficult or challenging monsters within Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (MH4U). These are not in any particular order and these exclude the Apex versions. They have been handpicked from the game and you will see an explanation as to why we chose it, along with some handy tips to defeat each one. Here we go folks, ready your switch axes!

10. Molten Tigrex

Not only is this monster as fast as an ordinary Tigrex, but it also brings an extra challenge along. The blast clouds which will give you something extra to think about, wasting your precious time rolling, removing the blast dust will leave you open for the Molten Tiggy to land those combos. You will need a high defense set when facing this as it is a hard hitter.

9. Kushala Daora


This monster is going to cause you problems unless you come well prepared. You will face this within the MH4U storyline. The NPC’s will give you a huge helping hand: they will tell you to use poison knives, this is a huge help as it prevents the Kushy from being able to keep you at bay with its high winds. Watch out for those black tornadoes!

8. Teostra

Take what you saw from the Molten Tigrex battle … Add wings and give it a supernova attack. Need we say more? This monster is a challenge as it can produce the blast clouds in various ways along with being able to explode them.

7. Kirin

This beast is incredibly fast and can sometimes take a while to kill. The moment you think you have it in your sights, it is leaping away from you, and then back into you dealing lighting damage. Indeed, in this fight, lightning will strike twice!

6. Seregios

The Seregios, or Steve, as it is known as. This battle will have you crouching for seconds at a time or eating mosswine jerky repeatedly unless you come equipped to fight this properly. It is heavily suggested to bring the ability Negate Bleeding if you plan on taking on this flying razor blade.

5. Savage Deviljho

This one is a toughy, enraging during your battle multiple times and firing his dragon breath from his hind legs, you are going to want to take him out fast! Bring lots of meat to paralyze it and put it to sleep. Also take a full stack of dung bombs these will help you in a pinch

4. Gold Rathian

This flying beauty may look nice, but she packs a punch. That super strong armor and the constant tail whips to poison you will take its toll. Be sure to pack antidotes!

3. Silver Rathalos

This is similar to the Rathian, but you will be dealing with Fireballs all over the place along with the poison talon attack which is extremely quick! Pack antidotes and get some fire resist.

2. Azure Rathalos

Similar to the Silver Rathalos, you will also be dealing with Fireballs all over the place along with the poison talon attack which is extremely quick! Pack antidotes and get some fire resist, you may also find flash bombs of great use. These rathalos are very tough.

1. Rajang

This Ball of fur is crazy to say the least. He will be a massive challenge as he bounces around causing massive electric damage along with firing his electric mouth beam. Take care here and you would do with some heavy thunder resist.

We hope you enjoyed reading our rundown of our top ten toughest monsters to beat in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. If you think you have a different list, please comment below. We would love to see which monsters give you nightmares!

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